Not just to survive, but to thrive in the jungle of television, one of the best equipments a challenger can get is probably “a flexible mind.” 

Especially true for those who working for a travel & adventure show, there are so many unpredictable, and sometimes uncontrollable, factors that could loom up anytime hindering a weeks-of-planning schedule and almost smash you right in your face.  For example, one of our shooting destinations was in Northern Thailand (somewhere about Chiang Mai and Changwat, sorry for not being more specific), and the first day as we arrived in Bangkok, the television news reported that there was just a severe flood in the North.  Besides, we also got some trouble with the shooting materials, but all in all, fortunately the weather turned out to be fine, and the team worked together to figure out a solution for the material problem.

To be flexible also means to be open for discussion regarding the scripts and shot compositions within the team.  Sometimes things might fall short of our expectations or seem to be difficult to be displayed with impact in front of the camera, and thus it would be extremely helpful to have your teammates share their thoughts and advice.  During the shooting, I had noticed that our show host Yankee (子儀) was very proactive with our director (小涵姊) in discussing how to enhance the visual impact and levels of entertainment. Moreover, what he concerned about the show was much deeper than I had expected, like the future of the show and the tastes of the audiences, and so on.  小涵姊 could be insistent in certain aspects yet she was rather straightforward, which from my point of view made her an understandable director pleasant to cooperate with. 

* According to 鄭哥, one of our brilliant camera operators, effective communication among the director, scriptwriter, and camera operator, however, is largely based on the common grounds in knowledge and jargons that can facilitate the transmission of intangible ideas and avoid personal remarks. 

Crises would occur not just internally due to neglect, misjudgments, or lack of experience but could result from all sorts of external influences.  Preparation is crucial; nevertheless, be ready for changes is the golden rule. 

Hope that I can be flexible and dauntless with no matter what I love in the future. 


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